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    Shapotou, whose name was derived from high sand dunes, is located on the southern edge of the Tengger Desert. For half a century, Shaputou is renowned for curbing desertification by mainly making straw checkerboard sand barriers in large scale.

  • 1306
    Gaofen Satellites Reduce China's Dependence on Foreign Data

    China's recently launched two Gaofen series satellites mark the establishment of a ground-air observation system that reduces China's dependence on foreign data, according to experts.

  • 0406
    Variations of Laohugou Glacier No. 12 in the Western Qilian Mountains, China,...

    Results showed that Laohugou Glacier No. 12 was shrinking significantly since 1957. From 1960 to 2015, the terminus reduction of Laohugou Glacier No. 12 was 402.96 m (3.99%) in total, and glacier length decreased to 9.7 km from 10.1 km.

  • 2505
    The Occurrence and Distribution of Viruses Infecting Lanzhou Lily in Northwes...

    Lanzhou lily is a popular edibel vegetable bulb, as well as a traditional medicinal plant with a 150-year cultivation history. Lanzhou lily is mostly grown in the central area of Gansu province in northwestern China, and it is mainly propagated via bulbs. Nearly 25% of the cultivated area at elev...

  • 2004
    Alpine Grassland Productivity Not Sensitive to Climate Warming on Third Pole

    The Tibetan Plateau has experienced more rapid climate warming than the global average, coupled with greater interannual variation in precipitation over the past 50 years. How will such dramatic climate change influence the structure and function of alpine grasslands? Interest in this topic is hi...

  • 0404
    Detection of Spatio-temporal Variability of Air Temperature and Precipitation...

    Based on meteorological station records during 1960–2016, scientists detected the variations of air temperature and precipitation by using non-parametric method in the different sub-regions and different elevations of the Tianshan Mountains. The mutations of climate were investigated by Mann-Ken...

  • 0304
    Dissolved Organic Carbon Fractionation Accelerates Glacier-melting: A Case St...

    In glacierized regions, melting process has a significant effect on concentrations and light absorption characteristics of dissolved organic carbon (DOC), potentially resulting in variations of its radiative forcing, which is not yet relevant research at glacier region of the Tibetan Plateau (TP).

  • 3003
    Modeling the Origin of Anthropogenic Black Carbon and Its Climatic Effect Ove...

    In this study, scientists used a regional climate-atmospheric chemistry model and a set of BC scenarios for quantitative evaluation of the impact of anthropogenic BC from various sources and its climate effects over the TP in 2013.

  • 0901
    Team Awarded for Research into Building Railways in Cold Regions

    One of the Innovation Team winners in this year’s China National Science and Technology Awards is a team that has been researching construction on permafrost for almost half a century and made the completion of Qinghai-Tibet Railway possible in 2006.

  • 2711
    The Antelope and the Interloper

    The moment Su Jianping heard the news on July 7th that Hoh Xil in China's western Qinghai Province had been successfully listed as a UNESCO world natural heritage site, the professor at the Northwest Institute of Plateau Biology (NWIPB)under the Chinese Academy of Sciences felt relief.